Subject: S7-24-15
From: Kerry Graham

Feb. 17, 2020


To Whom It May Concern,
I am a middle income individual, an engineer, and a non-professional investor building wealth for my future. I recently became aware of a proposal to limit the availability of, or otherwise control access to, leveraged/inverse funds to those who have been specially qualified, pre-approved, or otherwise accredited.
I employ various investment strategies across my portfolio, and leveraged funds are one important component of my overall plan. I rely on their magnification effect and use it in combination with other funds, regularly rebalancing my portfolio to my general advantage. I understand the risks involved with leveraged funds and mitigate that risk through judicial and methodical means.
Please don’t restrict access to these funds to pre-approved or accredited investors. This will only serve to hinder the long term growth potential for individual investors such as myself who use them judiciously. Putting limits on access to these funds may also cause an increase in the wealth gap in this country. 
Please reconsider this step.
Yours truly,
Kerry Graham