Subject: Proposed Rule No. S7-24-15 Release No. 34-87607 Dated November 25, 2019
From: Kenneth E. Vail

Feb. 17, 2020


This is my objection to the proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation to make the purchase of such funds more burdensome and/or impossible. 
Leveraged and inverse funds are important to me - as they allow me to seek enhanced returns and help protect my portfolio. 
I do understand leveraged and inverse funds and their performance characteristics, I am capable of making these decisions myself and object that a third party would evaluate my capability to do so. 
I wish to preserve the long standing free public markets - where investors and their advisors have thee freedom to buy public securities without additional government imposed limitations of investor choice. Requesting your vote to support our free choices. 
Kenneth E. Vail