Subject: File # S7-24-15 for Release No. 34-87607, dated November 25, 2019
From: Robert M. Getuba

Jan. 29, 2020

Hi. Am opposed to this rule for the following reasons: 

1. Leveraged and inverse funds are important to me, and they allow me to seek enhanced 
returns AND help ME protect MY portfolio. 

2. I am capable of understanding leveraged and inverse funds and their performance 
characteristics, and I don’t want a third party evaluating my capability to do so and 
potentially preventing me from buying them any more than I want someone evaluating my auto buying. 

3. I want to preserve the long-standing free public markets where investors and their 
advisors have the freedom to buy public securities without additional government-imposed limitations on investor choice. It is capitalism at its best, not big brother intruding on my investing. There's a reason Obama care failed: mandatory requirements! 

4. No point disrupting markets- you will limit investments and shock markets at a time we need the markets to keep America and Americans great, 

5. Those rules have the unintended (hopefully not intended) to keep regular Joe from the Leveraged/inverse PIE- we do not not like being told if, how, when, and what to buy: We can do so by ourselves without someone's assessment of our capabilities. How did I get to know and invest on the leveraged/inverse trading vehicles in the first place??