Subject: File No. S7-24-08
From: Barbara D. Underwood

October 1, 2008

As an individual investor in the stock market since 1998, I have resented "Short Selling", as it gives too much control to Wall Street investors, who are more knowledgeable than the average investor, and can alter the "Free Market". Frankly, this gives Wall Street a definite "control" factor over the average investor. Average folks were greatly encouraged to come into the market in 1998, and now we understand why. My life's professions have included 15 years in the mortgage business, together with 34 years in real estate. As such, I feel the "American Dream" has been devastated by the large Wall Street crowd, only to fill their pockets. It was inevitable that it would happen in real estate, but apparently, they will continue to control the stock markets, with short selling. We, as a country, must address the problems Wall Street has created by addressing and punishing the entites which created them.