Subject: File No. S7-23-19
From: Patricia Perry

January 30, 2020

RE: File Number S7-23-19

Dear Chairman Clayton and SEC Commissioners,

Im a grandmother worried about the rapidly accelerating impact of climate change on my grandchildren - and all children. As a Member of Mothers Out Front, I urge you to withdraw changes to SEC Rule 14a-8.

I have held stocks in many different companies over the years and have always considered it my right - and responsibility - to participate in a companys choices and decisions. A companys management has a duty to hear its stockholders concerns. Changing this rule will take away my ability to do so. While I can choose to invest only in companies that I know are focused on sustainability, that means my beliefs as a private investor, seriously concerned about the impact of climate change on my grandchildren, remain unheard by the big corporations. I am unwilling to give up that voice completely.

This rule change would protect companies that already have more than enough power to ignore the views of ordinary mothers and grandmothers, allowing them to continue their march towards climate meltdown.

Please reject this proposed change to Rule 14a-8. Thank you,

Patricia Perry
West Elm St.
Hopkinton, MA. 01748