Subject: Rule 14a-8
From: Adele Bolson, CPA, Financial Advisor
Affiliation: Prevail Wealth Management, LLC

Feb. 26, 2020


Dear Chair and Members of the SEC,
I am a registered investment advisor, managing investments for a number of individual investors, for whom I vote proxies. I have been reviewing the proposed changes to Rule 14a-8 on shareholder proposals.  It is important to my clients and to me that we are able to file and vote on governance, environmental, and social issues for the companies we own.  Making it more difficult to file shareholder proposals, especially for smaller shareholders, thus diluting shareholder rights, dilutes the value of stock ownership, and ultimately will harm the economy by harming the ability of companies to raise capital.
I therefore oppose the proposed rule changes. 

Adele Brady Bolson, CPA
Financial Advisor | Certified Public Accountant
520 Kirkland Way, Ste 201, Kirkland, WA 98033
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