Subject: S7-23-19 Comments for Submission
From: Benjamin Scott

Feb. 2, 2020


Rule Comments,
I'm a Training Manager for the Air Force and a holder of many stocks through the federal Thrift Savings Plan (essentially a 401k) and an IRA. As a middle-class stock holder, I greatly resent any push to make it harder for regular folks like myself to submit shareholder proposals. As a part-owner, the rules should not be skewed in favor of corporate boards and CEOs who are playing around with my money. It's undemocratic.
Further, I care greatly about corporate responsibility and any move to diminish my role in holding a company I own a part of accountable is simply unacceptable. Whether it to be hold the company leadership accountable, whether it be for their compensation, the labor standards the set, or for their stewardship of our environment, I take my role as a part owner very seriously. The SEC should not be setting rules that would kneecap my ability to exercise that accountability, or diminish my rights as part-owner.
Protect the shareholder proposal process. Don't weaken it. Uphold the current democratic process and protect middle-class investors like myself.
Benjamin Scott