Subject: Comment to File Number S7-23-19
From: Beppie Shapiro

Jan. 31, 2020


Dear SEC Rule Comments, 

I am always heartened when I see on my announcement of shareholder meetings from investment companies that there are some measures submitted by individual shareholders. 
I want more accountability from corporate CEOs, and Boards, not less. The SEC’s attempt to crush shareholder oversight is reprehensible. 

The federal agency tasked with protecting American investors should be encouraging a robust system of checks and balances between the owners of corporate wealth and companies’ management, not shutting down the main path for providing shareholder input. These new rules would make it harder for investors to raise emerging issues with managers, meaning that it would halt progress toward addressing critical issues impacting companies and our communities over the long term. 

This new set of rules should not be advanced. 

Thank you for considering my comment. 

Beppie Shapiro