Subject: File Number S7-23-19
From: Larry Lynch

Jan. 30, 2020

Vanessa Countryman,
There are millions of Americans that fear Climate Change. In 2015 we had 9 feet of snow on our home. It is now the end if January and we have had 3 inches of snow. Last year we had a total snowfall of only 6 inches. The Scientists involved in looking at Climate Change are now updating their forecasts to account for the Methane that is gushing out of the areas of the world’s tundra that are NOT frozen for the first time in thousands of years. The old rich men that run things are not much interested because they will be dead from natural causes when the Climate Change becomes a crisis. They also run the corporations that ignore Climate Change. 
If we don’t fix things there will be riots and wars as people starve in 20 years and Corporations that ignored the issue will be eliminated, violently. It would be better if we could solve these issues by having shareholders get Climate Change proposals heard and bring them to a vote. Ignoring this issue will give you blood on the streets.
Larry Lynch