Subject: File No. S7-23-09
From: Anthony Miles, Mr

October 23, 2009

Please understand the reality is this is a very limited first step in preventing intent of abusing our markets.

S7-23-09 is a start in the right direction but much more is needed to curtail the clever efforts to make easy money...

this will only be a part of the changes required to make risky trades more clear to prevent loss or unjust profit by scammers.

Who are intent on rewarding greed and stupidity .

It has to end soon as these crooked Pirates of Wall St will continue to rape our country of its capital and solvency,

Time for them to be hung in a town square.. it would be a justly fit reward... not a bonus for mismanagement which has revealed their real value..

If the changes needed are not made soon we all will be up a creek........

They behave like the mob as they plunder America of industry and wealth

Maybe it was China who set this in motion????

The 911 event on Wall St. ??? attack # 2