Subject: File No. S7-22-19
From: Joseph Vasta

February 3, 2020

Dear SEC,

My name is Joe Vasta and I am an independent musician.

Recently, Ive read about how Blackrocks CEO named Larry Fink will vote to hurt companies that do not bend to his will. I am fairly new to investing. Given my career is about following my passion, my earnings tend to be a bit paltry. Over the last year, using my app, I have researched various stocks and have built a small portfolio worth $1100 where Ive spent hundreds of hours researching stocks that Ive bought. I have my first little nest egg in my late 30s.

It is disheartening that a Wall Street billionaire has the power to dictate the future earnings of my companies and my hard work can be placed in peril because of a Wall Street billionaire. I urge you to take action to change this imbalance.