Subject: File No. S7-22-19
From: Tracy Byrd

February 3, 2020


I am writing to ask that you stand up for mom and pop investors and hardworking American families. I dont make a lot of money and I live in coal country here in Virginia. I have been lucky enough to travel in my career and have seen great people all over this country. I just read that a Wall Street manager and outside proxy firms are working to shut down American energy companies.

I have seen the hollowing out of parts of Virginia and West Virginia. Ive seen friends die of opioid addiction, Ive seen once prosperous family have their livelihoods taken away as coal goes. Noone could imagine the damage that politically motivated companies who have made it a point to shut down American energy companies because it serves them politically.
I was motivated to write this letter out of a discussion with a friend and I hope you will consider my comments.

Tracy Byrd