Subject: Fwd: Rule S7-22-19
From: Stephanie Vukov

Feb. 16, 2020

From: Stephanie <[redacted]> 
Date: February 16, 2020 at 8:50:18 AM PST 
Subject: Rule S7-22-19 

Dear Chairman Clayton 

My name is Stephanie Vukov. I live in Riverside California. I’m married with two adult and married children. We are Trump and US Constitution supporters and we love America. Thank you for everything you are doing to fight corruption in unions and their abuse of their positions and proxy firms. Please continue with this Rule which protects against this type of abuse. Unions should never ever be allowed to use other people’s money for their own political agenda. This must not ever be allowed. Again thank you for all you are doing for we the people in Washington. Thank you for your stand against corruption and abuse by special interest groups and unions. I’m praying for you Chairman Clayton. 


Stephanie Vukov 
Riverside, CA 

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