Subject: File No. S7-22-15
From: Marcus Launderer
Affiliation: Whistleblower

November 2, 2015

This Crowdfunding proposal will only perpetuate the tax evasion,money laundering,naked shorting of microcap stocks to continue. The SEC bailed out a criminal enterprise in KCG in August 2012. The SEC is currently engaged in criminal obstruction. Both Chair White and Andrew Ceresney represented UBS and Credit Suisse during their employment at Debevoise. The BBH FINRA AML complaint implicates un named Swiss banks and executing brokers: Credit Suisse and KCG Chair White got her waiver to "investigate Credit Suisse 1 day after the BBH complaint was filed. The SEC was finalizing its cross border complaint against Credit Suisse at this time. The entities in the complaint are un named to protect Credit Suisse and KCG. Credit Suisse was/is a custodian customer of BBH.The SEC orchestrated the KCG trading glitch in August 2012 to perpetuate the activity. KCG is the executing broker of choice for money launderers Asher,JMJ,Hanover/Magna,Ironridge, Alpha Capital,Whalehaven,WHC,CREDE, YA Global,Dutchess,Darling,Fairhills,Southridge etc. KCG core business is naked shorting penny stocks to facilitate the money laundering. KCG CEO Dan Coleman ran Equities at UBS during activity in DPA and massive Reg SHO violations. He was hand picked to lead KCG after the reverse merger with GETCO. He knows all about the UBS PEP program. Birkenfeld gave 52,000 accounts to the DOJ and SEC. The DOJ entered into the UBS DPA based on just 4500 so the activity can continue. The SEC set up the non guaranteed Obligation Warehouse so KCG could circumvent close out requirements of Rule 204. Ceresney and White criminal obstruction today in NEWL and FREE. Both money laundering scams that implicate Debevoise and Credit Suisse. The SEC IG knows this. Winston Paes, Alexander Solomon, Paul Tuchmann, Christopher Delzotto, Michael Braconi in DOJ know this. Ceresney and White belong in jail. KCG should be shut down for the criminal enterprise it is. The SEC allowed 2 barred individuals in IMDS to create 37 billion shares so KCG and UBS fails in the OW could be closed out. The SEC orchestrated the "sale" of the KCG FCM business (bought from Penson) to Wedbush so KCG could move hundreds of millions in fails off their books. The SEC knows about Manning v KCG,UBS, et al. The SEC outsources its enforcement of the BSA to unaccountable FINRA. The SEC knows KCG doesn't disclose penny stock share volumes in investor presentations. The SEC knows the KCG sale of HotSpot to BATS and the use of those proceeds to buy out glitch funding participants was fraud. The SEC knows KCG committed fraud when it pledged 4000 worthless securities to JP Morgan as collateral. The SEC is corrupt. This proposal perpetuates the fraud on the investing public.
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