Subject: File No. S7-22-10
From: Yong Zheng

December 13, 2010

The purpose of this letter is to express support for a rule proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to enhance short-term borrowing disclosures by publicly traded corporations to investors. The rule will enhance the quality and transparency of registrants disclosures regarding their liquidity and capital resources. A company's liquidity and capital resources are often dependent on its access to short-term borrowings for working capital and to fund its operations. Amounts of short-term borrowings may not always be indicative of a company's general funding needs therefore additional transparency about companies' short-term borrowings would be helpful to investors. I believe that investors could benefit from additional disclosures. In addition, I recommend that the proposed rule be finalized and approved prior to year-end in order to accommodate 20I0 year-end financial reporting.