Subject: File No. S7-21-09
From: david blumenthal, md

October 27, 2009

This is about hft, flash orders, and dark pools. IN truth I do not want any. I am also so sick of wall street firms telling the sec that I am the person who benefits from things I don't want. Note how that things that always increase their profits are things I benefit from. because of these things (hft, dark pools, flash orders) I advise my friends to buy no american stocks, stocks of american companies. I only trade currencies and commodities that trade on international markets. It is the only way I can at least have an idea that goldman isn't manipulating the entire cost/price structure.

The very idea of dark pools is unamerican. The idea that an exchange should have dark pools so that the industry can more easily execute hft trading strategies is insane. the industry should not be altering the exchanges in order to allow trading stratagies. The whole point of the market place is to so trades aren't behind closed doors. I don't want any orders behind closed doors. I also fear dark pools allow the firms to look at order flow before they go out. Stop letting these firms dictate everything. See below article. As a general rule, I do not want anything a wall street firm says benefits me. Let me decide what benefits me. Let them decide what benefits them. since when is a firm going to advocate for my welfare. this is a joke.

Copyright material redacted. Author cites "Goldman Sachs Tells SEC Dark Pools, Short Sales Help Cut Costs" by Jesse Westbrook,, October 27, 2009.