Subject: File No. S7-21-09

September 24, 2009


Glad to see that one small part of the horrible corruption in Wall Street is being addressed...

A 60 day comment period... Well, that is fine, but what comments are needed?

This flash trading scheme is a crooked way for the elite's to gain yet another unfair advantage over the regular people. How can it be allowed to continue?

It may be too late to save the country's financial systems, but you need to start somewhere.

The bailouts were an abortion, allowing the power brokers to suck the prople dry... Again.

The commodity manipulators have been playing their games with gold, silver and oil for a LONG time... Who is going to do anything about THAT??

The derivative markets are a big time bomb that has a short fuse now... Who allowed such a corrupt thing to happen?

You people at the SEC have a ton to answer for... No less than allowing the endangerment our very existence as a Republic.

The Buck stops where?


JJ Tucson