Subject: File No. S7-21-09
From: Bryant Washington

July 18, 2010

On pro!

17 CFR PART 242
[Release No. 34-60684; File No. S7-21-09]
RIN 3235-AK40
Elimination of Flash Order Exception from Rule 602 of Regulation NMS


How could we day traders support or add our support to this regulation. Also On file File No. S7-02-10, I did not see any further actions from SEC, and also on File No. S7-02-10 the definition of High frequency trading is very very wrong, High frequency trading is the handling of trading in only the way Blackboxes and algorithms systems are use, and not for the average day trader order or proprietary trader manual order. BlackBoxes and algorithmic trading handle trades in a systematic matter that is not human behavior and because a machine do not care about news and do not care about fundamental also do not have fear. This as simple explained can result in devastated circumstances for the market. Please take in consideration that the traders are doing a very noble job, of bringing capital to companies that provide research and development of new technologies or the opportunity to hire more employees to expand, Trader are noble as being but computers do not care about this and do not react upon fundamentals of the market. Your friends from school and one day your son will be hire just because traders where investing in that company and where able to provide capital for a noble reason. BlackBoxes and algorithms do not care about this.

With the ECN futures that bring more investors and traders the opportunity to trade with the market will be enough liquidity, No more and no less that is deserved. Technology can bring us the tools for expand the opportunities but they should not take place in all the decisions.

I hope i could receive some answers to my concerns
Bryant W.