Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Frank J Randol

July 16, 2008

More insult to injury

Your new emergency law for a select few lending mortgage lenders and banks

Shows how slanted you are these implementations of Finding shares to borrow before shorting should be inforced accrossed the board not just who you feel deserve to have a fair chance

You are only protecting investors and institutions who you feel will be in the spot light what about the hundreds of others that need protection that you just turn a blind eye to

What amazes me is that you do have the ability to do the right thing you just chose not to. It is not an oversight on your part but you have direct control of these issues.

Proof of your ability to do the right thing is by implementing this emergency act of justice

the thieves have had there day let the investors Have their justice

Make all parties find locate and borrow shares of all companies not just the ones you deem worthy before shorting To make this an honest market and not rigged
Do you realise you The SEC are directly responsible for the demise of hundreds of companies

Me as an american citizen Am Shocked To Find out the SEC is no different then the Mafia you control who gets shaked down and who does not.