Subject: uptick rule

September 18, 2008

SEC rules are quickly eroding investor particpation in the markets. there will soon be fewer and fewer of those that will be on the buy side of a trade.

Shorting seems to be in vogue and the SEC rules encourage this side of trading.

I don't have to remind you that it still rquires a buyer and seller to have a trade....... the buyer is becoming more scarce now.

How many firms are going to be driven into the ground by the antics of the large groups of shorters. "which firm is the next target"

If you can find the time, try thinking of a reason to bring back the uptick rule and stop allowing naked shorting of any kind.

I will stop investing because, a small investor has no chance of beating back the hords of shorters that have targeted the financials.

If the SEC has no desire to truely effect change, then just ignore this.
thank you