Subject: File No. S7-20-08
From: Harry Livingston
Affiliation: CMKX shareholder

August 8, 2008

Please compensate CMKX (CMKM Diamonds) shareholders for the egregious damage done to them by naked short selling.

CMKX shareholders like myself have been begging the SEC for years to help us stop the criminals who have stolen from us in plain daylight by counterfeiting CMKX shares and flooding the market.

We have received no help from the SEC whatsoever.

When you're finished helping out your friends in the investment banks from this hideous crime, how about stepping down to lend a hand to the tens of thousands of investors who have been harmed by the "largest naked short selling crime" in the history of the stock market?

We'll appreciate your help, even coming as late as it is.

H. Livingston