Subject: Please Add Washington Mutual to the List

July 21, 2008

I am deeply saddened by the what the SEC/FED/Government has allowed to happen to our country.

We live in a nation which gives us so much and asks so little yet we have people who get away with "economic terrorism" every day with short selling or more specifically, naked short selling.

I am adding some of the comments I have seen on yahoo boards recently regarding our financial institutions. I am truly surprised that our country is not aggressively pursuing those who make false statements as well as those naked short selling.

Please read these comments from people who are "Americans"? These are out and out lies and statements about bringing down this country. how can we as a nation survive and thrive with such greed and hatred for our own nation?

Please, I am asking you with great love in my heart for this wonderful nation to stop ALL NAKED SHORT SELLING ON ANY USA COMPANY. DO NOT DISCRIMINATE, MAKE IT ALL USA INSTITUTIONS. At the very least, ALL USA Financial Institutions.

This has to stop. We have to keep this country on top and we need the SEC to stand up and do what is right for America. We cannot have more financial institutions go under because of this human garbage.

I ask, I beg you to please do what is right for America. The time to stand up and do something is now.

God Bless America!


Gary Baer