Subject: Keeping the no-short list of 19 banks

July 29, 2008

I'm just the little guy here trying to make sure I have some funds for retirement. I've have some holdings in a few of the financial companies you have on the list and have had them for sometime. My stock portfolio is suffering from the problems with short selling and the other issue facing the financial markets.

I'm requesting you continue to keep the list to further protect those financial companies. I'm also requesting you expand the list to include many others or just cover the entire market to clean up the short selling problems that are driving out many of us long term investors. If I can't feel that there are clear and balanced rules to owning stock I will be forced to pursue other types of investments outside the stock market. Though I believe in the ownership of stocks base on quality companies, I can't afford to lose my hard earned savings to greedy individuals whose soul purpose is to destroy companies and others finances for the sake of quick cash.

Please take my comments to heart and protect us by balancing this market and enforcing the no naked shorting and other issues that are degrading the stock market.

Thank you.


Dan Johnson