Subject: DNE: FW: MBTF Short Interest as a percentage of all shares traded

July 25, 2008


I am forwarding on my email to NASDAQ on our Short Interest trading. I would like for the SEC to know that the type of trading issues that affected Fannie and Freddie can also be found with low volume community bank stocks such as ours, symbol MBTF. My concern for the potential manipulation of our stock predates the issues of Fannie and Freddie. Our 1-29-08 close has and is being investigated by FINRA. As an Issuer, we are not provided with any final conclusions. However, when you see a sale at the close, NASDAQ only, that bypasses better prices--it gives one something to consider.

I would very much like to see the SEC extend the Naked Short trading rules to not only all banks and financial institutions, but to all issues in the various exchanges. The trading rules should also be permanent.

Herb Lock
Senior Vice President
Chief Investment Officer
Monroe Bank & Trust