Subject: File No. S7-20-08
From: Kathy Meyer
Affiliation: none

July 21, 2008


Tradestation is blocking ALL short sales of the listed stocks, not just naked shorts. They say it is because of your order. Now, those of us who are legally short these stocks will get killed as they can only go up. I am an individual and I have no power but this is clearly abusive. There is no market without both sides and since you plainly intend to protect these banks, why don't you just say so and declare that they can only go up and on days they don't, you will protect them with taxpayer money.
If you really did not intend to restrict legitimate short selling, you should rescind your order but even that will not do me and other legitimate shorters any good now. Way to protect the very companies that caused all this mess by their speculation and bubble making You are their puppets.

K. Meyer

(Attached File #1: s72008-23.pdf)