Subject: File No. S7-20-08
From: Melvin Flores

July 24, 2008

Concerning File No. S7-20-08 Emergency Order Short Sales

My demand of the SEC and that of a multitude of American investors is to BEGIN to uphold our laws- which to date it hasn't- and end once and for all the hated options market maker exemption which amounts to massive legalized theft. AMERICA-- THEY HAVE BEEN STEALING YOUR MONEY AND WE HAVE LET THEM It is nothing but a tool by which the big Wall Street investment banks and hedge funds have cheated small American investors out of their retirement and life savings for the last decade or so-- WITH THE SEC'S BLESSING

The Securities and Exchange Commission is a big joke. The SEC today, in my opinion and that of most others that know anything about it, is a co-opted and captured regulator of these market miscreants otherwise known as white collar criminals. Don't be fooled, despite the lofty verbiage in its mission statement, the SEC does not work for, nor protect the American investor. Its primary mission has morphed into facilitating the massive transfer of wealth (in the trillions of dollars) from average Joe and Mary Doe to the market manipulators-- some call them the Wall Sreet Mafia. Since they own the people at the SEC, all kinds of dirty tactics have been thrust onto unsuspecting and naive investors- chief among them being: abusive naked short selling and the abusive options market maker exemption tactics used by the hedge funds, among others. I repeat, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS have already been stolen from us in this way.

We will continue to be screwed unless we take back our government from these pirates in Armani suits that have hijacked it for the purposes of further enriching themselves.

I say: Let's take back the SEC. Let's take back our government. We the American people expect an honest and honorable people in positions of power. The top people at this agency are neither. SEC: STOP PROTECTING, ENABLING, AIDING AND ABETTING THESE ORGANIZED WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS DO YOUR JOB-- OR GET THE HELL OUT SO THAT SOMEONE THAT CAN ENFORCE OUR LAWS AND NOT CAUDLE CRIMINALS CAN By not enforcing our laws you have become complicit with these crooks, an impediment to justice-- and you then have broken our laws. You have become liable for the terrible damage that has been done to the American investor.

To everyone reading this: contact you representatives in our half-asleep Congress and demand that they level the playing field for American investors. Ask them to investigate the corrupted SEC and to bring justice to this disfunctional financial system run amok, and now run by greedy fraudsters.
Inform yourselves by going to the following website: (this site presents an hour long multi-media presentation by CEO Patrick Byrne called: The Darkside of the Looking Glass: The Corruption of our Capital Markets-- it is excellent),,, (sign the petition),,