Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Frank J Randol

July 18, 2008

Hey Jhon Nester

Just saw your coments released to stockwatch regarding exempting market makers from having to locate shares before shorting the 19 companies that are suppose to get that protection which in fact all companies should have that protection

Due to Liquidity

your so called liquidity has cost me most if not all my investment capital allowing this exemptionssssssssssssss

That is allowing legal Thievery

Again everytime I see a shred of hope for fairness in the market the SEC proves me wrong

your diffinition of Liquidity must mean Market makers have free reign to steal

All Shorters should be required to locate shares before shorting then have to cover there shorts or return the borrowed shares

Not locating and not having any intentions of covering
And to beable to magically produce shares that do not exsist With no punishment no wonder why I lost most of my investments to these practices

I would ask how to get that job . but I would not steal nor run companies out of business even if I had your exemptions It is morally ethically and crimnally Wrong

You have cemented the idea that you are a criminal as well