Subject: File No. S7-20-08
From: Kurt Rose
Affiliation: Individual investor

July 24, 2008

Do not submit to the hedge fund managers who are objecting to the emergency order regarding short sales. Naked short selling has been a major cause of the severity of the collapse in the financial markets. Now that the emergency order is in place regarding the 19 majot financial institutions, the funds have targeted the energy field instead. Their actions are destroying the economy and decimating the individual investor. Their claims that naked short selling is necessary for the economy are a transparent untruth. The only value created by their actions, lines their own pockets at the expense of all other investors. Put them out of business before they put us all out of business. DO NOT ALLOW THE ORDER TO EXPIRE ON JULY 29 Instead, extend the order across the financial markets, and applicable to all investors, including market makers. If it is not sufficient, find other ways to limit the damage they do. Above all, do not give in to them as government so often does, just because they have the power and the money behind them. Make the market fair for all of us.