From: Anna
Sent: May 15, 2016
Subject: S7-20-07

2.2) As I previously commented and was agreed, that the basing of GAAP would be based on activities engaged in, rather than industries.  This has been settled in the final rule and in the series FAS 157; 159 and 140. 

As far as the capacity in bloomberg, P157 14) HL on Tony Blair, one can look at Jeremy Thorpe, and see his future.  Contrary to popular myth, I was never an "exhibitionist" merely good at showmanship...

As far as the party, well one will blame Colin Powell and the USA, for intentional deception and the failure of an elected leader to listen to his own intelligence service, rather than a call to loyalty, solidarity and story telling by a foreign power.  Labour is fine, and with the next Municipal Elections years away, there are no worries on the political side, other than the fact that Boris Johnson, a former star keeps making a fool of himself with consistently contradictory flip flops that are so unprime ministerial.. Some people crack when the leave their city for a more global platform, and in an effort to "differentiate himself as the Anti-Cameron, his personal credibility is being eroded everytime he opens his Boca.