From: Veronique Joseph
Sent: August 31, 2016
Subject: File Number S7-19-16


Under item II. Discussion of the Proposed Amendments:

"The proposed amendments would apply to nearly all of the forms that are required to include exhibits under Item 601,21 specifically Forms S-1,22 S-3,23 S-4,24 S-8,25 S-11,26 F-1,27 F-3,28 F-4,29 SF-1,30 and SF-331 under the Securities Act; and Forms 10,32 10-K,33 10-Q, 8-K,34 and 10-D35 under the Exchange Act. In addition, we are proposing corresponding amendments to Form F-10 and Form 20-F."

We are requesting confirmation that this proposal does not apply to:
Forms N-1A, N-2, N-4, N-6, N-14, S-6, N-CSR, N-CSRS, N-Q or any other form not listed above.

Thank you,