Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Earl v Gillespie
Affiliation: engineer

July 18, 2008

These financials you are looking to protect, are the very ones who are guilty of doing to others what you propose you do not allow to be done to them . They have financed and control many of the hedge funds that practice this. So it is ok for GS to short and do whatever to GE or WB or WMU but the others in the world cannot naked short them . This is total crap and you are destroying the credibility of the US government by protecting the very firms that have created this crisis . So we are to pretend we have a free market this is a criminal move by the government to cover for the fraud and manipulation by these very firms . How about not allowing any of these firms or any entity they have financed over the last 5 years to be able to do any naked shorts on any other company also while your at it , I don't see why they would mind treating others like they want to be treated . Where was the SEC when all the big bonuses ect were being handed out to folks like Hank ect . This is total criminal in nature if you want to stop naked shorts stop them all for all companies no picking and choosing that is unfair and unfree