Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Cindy Davis
Affiliation: Retired

July 18, 2008

I have been forced due to health issues to retire and try to live on disability payments. All my life I dreamed of one day having enough money to invest in the stock market. I believed if I could only invest in the stock market I might have a chance to become wealthy. I have been poor to low middle class all my life. In 2003 I heard about two companies that were called penny stocks that had the potential to make a person with a few hundred dollars to invest become some what wealthy. One was Lifeline Biotech, and the other was CMKM/CMKX. I put together as much money as could scrap together and bought shares in both companies. Lifeline Biotech reverse merged me right out of all my shares. CMKX has had me on a roller coaster ride for 5 years. The two companies have both told there shareholders that they were being naked shorted. I have read articles, web sites, and boards and I am disgusted at the condition the stock market is in. All my life I thought people who owned stock, and stock brokers were these wise influential people. Little did I know that the stock market world is filled with a bunch of crooks. I have lost all my faith in our stock market, and I tell everyone I can get to listen everything I have learned. It's time to clean up your mess.