Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Bla Bla

July 17, 2008

What are you doing about the illegal shorting and manipulation of the gold market?

This is the last safe place for the people in this country to protect their life savings from inflation and fraud and youre focusing on protecting the bankrupt financials.

When this collapse gets out of hand shortly people will want to hold those accountable in enforcement who aided the suppression of the gold markets in an effort to keep investors out.

People are not being led by the propaganda media as much as you think. The internet provides true sources of information for the general population and the illegal manipulation of anything gold is public knowledge.

Its your choice to do your job and stop the illegal manipulation or face the fact that when things fall apart, as it is, the mop always seeks who was responsible.

Do the right thing if your capable of doing that.