Subject: S7-19-07

July 17, 2008

I firmly believe that in order to offer something for sale, one should own it before offering it for sale. How else can you find the true market value for something? It is not the buyer that should suffer the non-performance of the seller. The seller should perform on the contract when the contract matures or face the consequences. If I buy something from you, shouldn't you give it to me when I pay you for it? If you sold it to me for a loss, it was your decision to do so, but by the same token, If I agree to buy from you knowing that you paid less for it, that is my decison. Naked short selling is flat out wrong, even when it is done to just make the market move. The true nature of the market will prevail, in time, reguardless of how many band-aids one puts on it. There seems to be alot of failed promises these days which indicates to me, that the true market is about to reveal it's self for what it really is and the true price of all things involved. Deception always fails, while the truth always prevails... We live in interesting times. Please make the proper decisons on this matter for the good of all. The sooner we get through this mess, the quicker we can pick up the pieces.