Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: william l ryan, jr.
Affiliation: investor

July 17, 2008

comments attached
It is time SEC TO ENFORCE the rules against naked short. selling. You have not enforced this rule MUCH and many of companies I invested in have been hurt by your lack of action. Why does it always take a crisis to happen before the SEC does what it was created to do. Over and over your lack of action to enforce the law has caused many people to get hurt and enriched people who are commiting illegal acts. You let the likes OF Jim Cramer to make a mockery of you on national t.v. It is no wonder people don't trust you and feel betrayed by this agency. Mr.Cox should be ashamed. His surprise about naked short selling being a problem now when he has been warned many times is really hard to take.
Wiiliam Ryan