Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Vincent Vazquez
Affiliation: Mechanical Engineering, MBA

July 16, 2008

SHO must have its grandfather clause removed so that the shifting of naked short manipulators won't have a place to hide.

3 days to clear, it is all that is needed. My broker clears my trades with me in this time. Why should the hedge funds, and brokers have other roles??

Think that justice is not blind-folded. She looks to see if it is a brokerage house shorting outside the DCC clearing. "Its okay they are too big to enforce, and these small cap companies are insignificant" she says. Then the hedge-funds pile in to the shorting. "Its okay they are with the brokerage house."

May I remind you that small business started the job creation process in this nation.

Do not protect the distroyers of our future.

Why is it now a priority that LEH, MER, banks, and GSE's are under naked shorting pressure that the SEC is demanding the clearing of short??

Please make Justice nuetral again. This is a country of laws, or is it not. If so this is a country of men. Who at the end will bring us down. God's Will be Done

Vincent Vazquez