Subject: S7-19-07 Comments

July 16, 2008

To whom it may concern:

As far as i'm concerned, there should be no Exceptions to the Rules for anybody under any Circumstances, because they will be abused anyway by some "clever" Geek, and i think, i speak for many individual Investors that we had quite enough of their Fabrications as of late.

(see OTC derivatives and such). If i don't settle my trade, as an Individual with my Broker in 3 days, i will be restricted from trading, so why does this not apply to everybody? What happened to all the fancy Computers my Tax Dollars have bought? Ahh, too much Money involved, is there ..... silly me.

One Thing however is for sure very interesting, now that it has hit home with naked short's on the "holy grail" of stock's, the financial's, we (you the SEC) are finally waking up, because we can't have that.

Funny that. Guess Homer Simpson was right all along "Rules for some, NO Rules for others" still works the best on Wall Street and of course always in favor of Goldman Sachs or any other Bank or Hedgies (see Cramer). What a Joke.

By the way, you ain't in need of new rules to enforce the stop of naked shorting, it's illegal in the first place and always has been. Well, those are my 2 cent of Input, for what is worth (probably nothing), but remember, we have Elections coming up and i for one will not reelect any of the Gang which is currently residing in DC (Ron Paul being the Exception), enough is enough already.

Best Regards and thank you for listening
Rainer Schramm