Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Eric J Stevenson

July 16, 2008

The SEC must stand up and put an end to manipulative Naked Short Selling of stocks. The SEC has been asleep at the wheel while many American citizens are experiencing thieves and stock market manipulation via Naked Short Selling and false rumors. Todate the SEC not been doing their job as many stocks have been on the Naked Sho List for months. You the SEC have been part of destroying the American citizen and economy by allowing such unrulely activity. These manipulative short sellers have been naked short selling with no intentions of covering their bets while tying to drive many stocks into bankruptcy.

The time to stop this activity and for the SEC to begin enforcing regulations is now. The SEC has been a major contributor in the failing American economy by not enforcing regulations. I will continue to send letters to the entire American political system suggesting that if the SEC is not going to enforce regulations against Naked Short Selling and the spreading of false rumors, The SEC be removed from their positions as they are not capable of performing their duties to The American system. If you are going to continue practices of the past you have no purpose taking taxpayers dollars and you all need to be removed.