Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Henry Jakala
Affiliation: concerned public citizen and investor

July 15, 2008

An unending concern for many small investors over the last couple of years or so has been --- When will the SEC stop taking an active part in the wholesale rape and plunder of the American investing public by turning a blind eye to the incessant ongoing criminal activity known as "failing to deliver" aka "naked shorting" ? ---

"Naked shorting" has been illegal for many many years in case you didn't know but the SEC has only in the last couple of years acted as though it is a new form of market abuse that needs attending to ? One study period after another and yet the naked shorts continue to flaunt the law and thimb their noses at the investing public while they rake in their blood money. Why haven't the SEC and its officers been tending to business all these years ? Why haven't you been looking out for the public investor as specified in your charter ?

Well it seems the SEC has finally found that "when". That breaking point where the naked shorting is no longer tolerable and that "when" is when the Wall Street Banking Institutions and Investmoent Houses that so long abused the public investor are now themselves on the receiving end of incessant illegal "naked shorting". The pig that abused us is now squealing abuse the loudest and of course the SEC will gladly come to their rescue while we suffered abuse at their hands for so many years and were ignored.

I would suggest that the SEC stop playing favorites with the criminals running Wall Street into the ground with their mortgage ponzi schemes and start prosecuting all these big shots that took their bonuses and stock options and cashed them in while decimating the markets with their greed.

I would suggest that the SEC extend the "special" naked shorting rules to the entire market and NOW rather than playing favorites with the big money boys who retire to their estates each night to ponder tomorrows next scam. Call in all the "naked shorts" and let those who engaged in illegal activities take the fall Howabout some HONEST REGULATORS for a change

The American Public is fed up and on a short fuse these days