Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Tony Ryals

August 23, 2007

Dear SEC,

I was led back to the fraudulent thesanitycheck website and the link to this SEC comment site by
touters on Gary Valinoti and David Patch's JAGH or Jag Media Holdings 'message board' or tout site there.
Funny the James Dale Davidson's and David Patch's's old ragingbull.con Genemnax tout site has been disappeared from ragingbull just as has the Democrat penny stock promoter Tim Mahoney's vFINANCE or vFIN 'message board' or tout site has.Why ? Too protect those who ran and posted on those fraudulent 'message boards'? Isn't the SEC and Christopher 'Naked Shorts' Cox and John Reed Stark proud of all the scam sites you never did anything about and that are still ungoing frauds even though the individuals running them have now moved on to other penny stock frauds such as James Dale Davidson's and Frank Carlucci's Israeli 'biotech' pump and dump fraud called Pluristem or Georgetown University's and Janet Greeson's Samaritan Pharmaceuticals ?

Janet Greeson by the way received shares of Endovasc and Stanford University(and Joseph Grundfest's ?)fraud that ripped me off and 'distributed' its worthless shares as far as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai and Cyprus(FBME Bank ?)thanks to your allowing Bellador Group's Peter Taylor and those involved with Endovasc,China Wireless and your 'IT' SRA International(SRX)to use Bellador's 'services' even though they received complaints from Hong Kong officials for touting these fraudulent U.S.companies Why ? All the while both Endovasc and Bellador Goup's Arizona attorney Ron Logan lied about Endovasc being 'naked shorted'. Why ?

So please ask Christopher WMDS or Naked Shorts Cox to close down the scam naked shorting' sites of penny stock touts such as Patrick Byrne,James Dale Davidson,David Patch that keep posting links and requests to contact you in order to help or lend credibility to their massive penny stock frauds.Also would you like me to put my Endovasc 'cert' or certificate online as a warning of what might happen to any naive investor(as I was)who might
believe thesanitycheck con artists and actually buy a 'cert' from one of the criminal transfer agents such as NATCO's Alexander H Walker who work for and with this massive criminal penny stock operation the SEC allows to continue and defraud and launder money even at this late date ? By the way the 'cert' I bought from Alexander Walker due to the fraudulent 'naked shorting' lies of Endovasc's attorney John O'Quinn,David P Summers,Dianne Dottavio,Robert Johnson,ET.AL.'S is now worth lees than Chris Cox's grandfather's cert that he is said to keep on a wall to remind him that defrauding others as he does or allows Beltway scam artists such as Alexandria,Virginia's scum and National Taxpayers Union parasite James Davidson or Georgetown University parasite James Angel to do in his position as SEC Chair IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN BEING DEFRAUDED
BY THEM YOURSELF.Chris Cox appears to havebecome what his grandfather warned us about.

Tony Ryals