Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Richard S Heinrich, Jr.
Affiliation: Professional Investor

July 12, 2008

Naked short selling has cost this economy trillions,
and raided many pensions and retirement accounts.
It has adversely affected the U.S. economy as small
growth companies are usually the target. These small
companies can provide the greatest employment opportunities.

There should be no loopholes, especially for options market
makers. Options are a right to purchase or sell a
specific property. However, how can the rights of the
property owner (stockowner), be superceded by the
options market maker(who generates the right to buy or sell). Any potential loophole must be closed. Three day
delivery maximum, no excuses.

Tough punishment for counterfeiting electronic stocks,
from the broker to the felon, such as seizing all assets.

Also investors should be notified if their shares are
being borrowed by a broker, and shorted. As the property
owner (stockowner), should give permission, and share
in the profit.

I want to believe in a system that works for
everyone, and helps to grow business and success.
That people can invest in the future without getting

Thank you for taking my comments.