Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Siggy Latarski

July 11, 2008

Comments reference SHO Naked Short Selling:
As a cmkx shareholder I have received quite an education as to the amount of illegal market manipulation and lack of redress taken by the SEC. Big money has been allowed to kill thousands of small upstart businesses and literally rob small investors of their money. The market has been proven to be rigged in favor of Market Makers, Hedge Funds, Brokers, and power brokers at the expense of the small average investor.

The U.S. dollar without Gold Standard and Stock Exchange are viable as long as citizens have confidence in the credibility of those vehicles and markets. However, we are now witnessing a continued diminishing of that confidence due to lack of oversight and fiduciary responsibility.

The U.S. markets and economy are on the verge of collapse.

In the case of CMKX, approximately 40,000 shareholders were bilked of their money while the SEC stood by and watched and at one point even stated there is no such thing as illegal naked short selling. It has been proven this is not the case, that illegal naked short selling and fails to deliver is indeed rampant.

The SEC, at this point in time, should be seeking to provide restitution to shareholders of CMKX. Let's see how the story unfolds.