Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Michael E Ryer
Affiliation: Financial Administrator

July 11, 2008

Dear sirs:
It has been and continues to be very disturbing that our government would openly condone the fraudult selling of shares in companies that do not exist. Currently, the "powers that be" consider these shares "failures to deliver", I and many other (40,000 + shareholders of CMKM Diamonds) prefer the term, counterfit or Naked Short selling.
It amazes me that we seek out and prosecute with great fevor the printing and use of the "almighty dollar" and yet dealers, brokers and hedge fund managers sell many more shares than they have control over every day. We have title companies and laws that stop me for selling my house to more than one person. Our nation is built on the concept of private "ownership" of our material things. It is our right when we purchase stock that those material possessions not be allowed to be sold without our consent (especially sold over and over and over again) further devaluing the stock price.

It is a CRIME and a VIOLATION of our rights as Americans. Those that perpetuation this travesty against the public and public companies should be prosecuted and JAILED.

Michael Ryer
Corsicana, TX