Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Scott Reynolds

July 11, 2008

While I am new to investing I expect the governing body that you represent as US Citizens, as well as those abroad that invest in a system that you oversee to hold personally and financially responsible for the ongoing market activities under your watch. Turning a blind eye or claiming ignorance is unacceptable. The time is now to step up to the plate and publically and financially correct your wrongs and begin restoring confidence in the system you are responsible for (period).

As a CMKX/CMKM shareholder the court has ruled as you are aware, the wrongdoings in a very significant manner (July 1st), don't pull a Roger Clemens, step up and admit what you did was wrong and start working on the solution to begin the healing of the pain suffering you are causing to our marketplace instead of avoiding the issue.

We as a shareholder base expect nothing less than a return on our investment plus wrongful damages caused by your failed duties/responsibilities to govern. Anything less should be construed as aiding and abetting as an accomplice in this criminal activity, which in my estimation should change this from a civil matter to criminal matter...much like the people powers that be that ran Enron.

Change is immanent