Subject: Reg Sho and Naked Short Selling

July 11, 2008

I wish to take advantage of your request for comments regarding regulation SHO. I own some pink sheet stocks including perhaps the one with the greatest worldwide exposure, cmkx. It has been very troubling to watch SEC rules being blatently violated with, for the most part, impunity. Also troubling has been the SEC attitude concerning the investor. For example, Nazereth commenting that we are a bunch of whiners unhappy because our stock does not see an increase in the price per share. I have noted that, behind the scenes, many individuals have left the SEC. I am happy about that.

Now... my thoughts are that if the SEC would severely punish rule violators and send more obvious crooks to jail, the nation's confidence in our free markets would be restored or at least improved.

Thank you for allow me to comment.
Donald W Mankin