Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: John and Ronda May

July 10, 2008

To the commissioners: We were new investors in the market. We are CMKX shareholders among other stocks. Our families and our friends and co-workers also invested thinking this was a fair market. It Is Not. The fact that Brokers and Hedge Funds are allowed to bilk money from average investors and nothing is being done to correct this is disgusting . People have invested their retirement money and savings trusting that it is a fair system that is being monitored and protected by the SEC and others and it is not .It is killing our country and our trust in the stock market. Until this system is fixed and REG SHO is fixed and enforced, investing in the stock market is not an option for most of the average American people. It is sad to see what is happening to small AND large business owners who do not stand a chance keeping their business afloat because of their stocks being shorted and alot of the larger companies who are fighting the system that is allowing this to happen to them, Overstock, Martha Stewart Living, Taser...the list goes on and on. Please Fix and Repair this unjustice. The May Family