Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: William Felker
Affiliation: Field service technician

July 10, 2008

Dear Chairman Cox,
Ms. Nancy M. Morris, Secretary
Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F. Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549-1090
Re: Comments on Proposed Amendments to Regulation SHO
File No S7-19-07
Dear Secretary Morris:
I appreciate the opportunity to provide comments on the Commissions proposed amendments to Regulation SHO. I am a shareholder of a company that has appeared on the Regulation SHO threshold list day after day after week and month after year.

It is time for the SEC to stop looking out for the special interests of the investing world and start looking out for the little investor , for it is this investor that has been wronged by these market manipulating practices that allow the fleecing of hard earned money in both 401ks and IRAs. When will the market be made a level playing field? The grandfather clause has been open for comment for far too long. It needs to be gotten rid of lock stock and barrel. The future of millions of investors lies in your hands, we are talking everyday people that do not get paid grand wages nor do they get any retirement from business any more. The only way these masses can ever hope to retire is threw investing and without a fair and level playing field I fear that I will have to work as will these others till the day we drop over dead.
In conclusion I deplore you to take these steps to allow a level playing field. As an investor in the broader market , Please stop the raping of my trading accounts by these manipulating practices that have been allowed to go on for FAR too long. Follow your mandate and protect investors from these predatory trading practices that have striped the public of there hard earned cash. Thank you for you time and I hope that you get the point.

William Felker