Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Lawrence Shultz
Affiliation: A Screwed Investor thanks to the Crooked SEC

August 19, 2007

Is it the US Government or the US Mafia?

We have an SEC that for years that has been allowing the Counterfeiting of stock shares to the tune of as much as 3 Billion Dollars a DAY of Equity to be Stolen Some estimates show that 1 out of every 4 stocks in the Equity Market's in the US have COUNTERFEIT shares. The SEC is DIRECTLY responsible for many Companies that have already gone bankrupt, downsized and many hard working Americans to lose their jobs and health insurance for their FAILURE of NOT doing their Job in the 1st place. The SEC's JOB is to police these Criminal Act's which there are laws on the books already for these Criminal/TERRORIST acts that should not be allowed in the first place. The SEC likes to make it appear that they are doing their job by making an example out of such people as Martha Stewart and other Mom Pop traders which are only the low hanging fruit while turning a blind eye to the REAL Thieves who RAPE the Equity markets each and everyday. Smoke and mirrors compliments of the SEC.

We have an FDA that is so Corrupted by Big Pharma and other special interest with COI's that they refuse to approve life saving drugs to where there are no proven treatments such as in the field of cancer were safe drugs are not allowed to be made available even for those who are dying who have no other options. Such as Provenge for Prostate Cancer. In which the Company making the drug had more options on the stock than all the shares outstanding the month of May when the FDA decision was made. Which it stock DNDN is also on the reg sho list and has over 50% of the Company shorted legally with an estimated 500 Illegal/Phantom shares Counterfeited. The same Company also has other life saving cancer drugs which showed much promise but are not able to continue due to the money strain caused by the Criminal Acts allowed by the SEC. This is just one of many horror stories which has been a direct result of the SEC and the FDA's failure to their job which is paid for by US tax payers.

We have a President who took office with a 3.6 Trillion dollar debt which has allowed it to grow to 9.5 Trillion dollar debt which has crippled this Country from going forward and has stolen any future for our kids and Grandkids of having the same opportunities as we have had. We are unable to lower interest rates for we as a nation must finance this Corruption by selling T-Bonds/Bills every month to make the payment on this debt. China has stopped buying our debt for they know what is down the road. Right now Japan has been keeping us afloat with the carry trade. When the carry trade unwinds or the interest rates rise in Japan we will lose what has been keeping us going and will be forced to raise interest rates to avoid defaulting as Nation on our debt. The President went to war spending over 500 Billion Dollars without financing it first. Which is also a first in history, by not paying for it ahead of time. At the same time he has lowered taxes for the rich only adding to the debt. The President has spent more money than ALL the Presidents before him put together while failing to to address the issues of this nation such on immigration, infrastructure, health care, meaningful jobs, education, regulation of banks and the REAL TERRORIST which are the Agencies in this Government that are allowing all these Criminal/Terrorist Acts to happen in the first place. In just 15 years the baby boomer's will be retiring to where 1/3 of the population will be supporting 2/3 of the population which may explain why the FDA does not approve LIFE saving drugs in the first place. For we as a Nation can NOT afford for people to live long lives for we can NOT afford it $$ wise. Many analyst say that when the debt reaches 12 Trillion Dollars it will be the POINT of NO RETURN, there will just be NO WAY for the debt to ever be paid back and the Country will default.

We have a DOJ like HomeLand Security that is just another agency with a name that exist for title only for all of this is allowed to Continue each and everyday with no accountability to NO ONE

Just who are the REAL TERRORIST in this world anyway?

And this is Democracy?

Those who are running this Country make the Soprano's look like 1st graders. And by the time the people of this Country wake up and realize what has happened the damage will of already been done. Sure explains why we don't want to throw money at education in this Country. Down the road this Country will be full of prisons to hopefully house those who have created this mess in the 1st place but also for many who will be doing extreme acts just to put food on the table. How sad to even have such an outlook but this has where this Country has come. THANKS to such Agencies as the SEC and many others