Subject: S7-19-07 - Proposed Amendment to Regulation Show

July 10, 2008

To: Chairman Cox and Ms. Nancy M. Morris, Securities and Exchange Commission

I would like to submit my support for the Commissions Proposed Amendments to Regulation SHO, S7-19-07. I support the elimination of Regulation SHOs options market maker exception and I sincerely hope the commission will act quickly and diligiently to make this much needed change....a change to help eliminate market manipulation and to provide a fairer market for public companies and shareholders.

There is a growing lack of confidence in the U.S. securities market due to the surfacing problems of naked short selling, failures-to-deliver and market manipulation. The commissions recent decision to eliminate Regulation SHOs grandfather provision, together with the elimination of the options market maker exception is a commendable first step to help save the integrity of not only the market, but our great nation as well.

May God Bless those who have the responsibilty to make necessary changes for the protection of our securities markets, our country and its citizens.

Donna Klepsch
US citizen