Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: cobra jock

July 9, 2008

Just saw on news today "Is the SEC a dying agency?"
I sure as heck hope so. You're worthless. Why can't you do your job? The laws are on the books. We are being raped everyday as you stand by and watch. Oh I know you need more comments to do something. Another 30 days of us getting ripped off. I find it ironic what Mr. Cox stated about the credit rating agencies. And I quote, "There were generalized concerns about laxity, about adherence to stated norms," NO KIDDING. Who are you protecting? It sure as hell isn't the shareholders. Hope you don't have any friends with secret mailboxes overseas. We are not going to wait any longer for you do do your job. We are going to make you do your job. Sixty thousand strong and growing. You gotta love the internet.